Who Is Craig Perra?

Craig Perra, a former addict himself, is world renowned for transforming the lives of people struggling with addiction. He has turned his firsthand, past experience into a powerful system that has changed the way people view and deal with addictions of all sorts. This life-changing and intensive system has been used to help people all over the world regain control of their lives.

With success stories and clients in over 27 countries and 6 continents, Craig has made his mark as the top coach for professionals, executives, personalities and men in need of fast results and changes for the sake of their lives.

Craig has been featured on a number of respected media outlets including The Katie Couric Show, Good Day Sacramento, The Steve Harvey Show, A&E's award-winning show Intervention: Digital Addictions and Lifetime TV. He built his programs based not only on his first hand experience dealing with addiction, but also the experience of hundreds of others who Craig has worked with, showing him first hand what has and hasn't proven successful in the journey toward successfully overcoming addictions.

Currently, Craig runs his world renown program with his wife, Michelle, in California where he hosts tons of people during his webinar calls and works 1-on-1 with clients all around the world. 

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