If You've Hit A Wall In Your Addiction, Working 1-on-1 With Coach Craig May Be The Right Option For You

Find out below if our premium 1-on-1 program is right for your situation.

Who Is Craig's 1-on-1 Coaching For?

People Who Are Feeling Stuck

feeling like there's no way you could ever overcome such a mental hurdle as addictive behavior?

Those Who Are Struggling

Still struggling even after seeking conventional methods to overcome addiction?

Anybody Who Feels Helpless With Help They've Sought Prior

Feeling like you're on your last leg and you're simply up against a wall that is addiction?

Those Willing to Substantially Investment in Themselves

However, this does not mean everybody at such a crossroads is suited to our 1-on-1 program. It's an intense, $15,000 personal program that can push you to mental limits you may not have known you could reach.


Craig and his team have put together an awesome, thoughtful program to help anyone with this affliction. It is easy to follow and understand, but not easy to do, you still have to do the work!

John M

To Craig, I thank you for proactively stepping up and speaking out. Your work means everything to me, as well as countless other people. To those struggling today, take a leap of faith and invest in this program. You’ll forever appreciate it.

Caleb D

Craig's program is a great workable process that is guaranteed to change anyone's life that is willing to put the effort in. His program helped change my life to the positive. I definitely recommend this program.


The habit of thinking positively has a very good effect on our emotional state and life in general, because many factors depend on self-confidence. Therefore, I recommend working with your mind.

Sara S

This program addresses what 12 step does not do explicitly, which is to help you understand the why one behaves as they do. It’s through creating space between the feeling and the behavior, that one is able to remove themself from the powerless reaction and this awareness allows for the freedom to choose. It’s a great program.


Just brilliant, Craig’s approach is sophisticated, thought provoking, and refreshing. My only wish is that I found him ten years ago.

Thank you Craig.

Robert K

a premium PROGRAM FOR Personalized 1-ON-1 help

Craig's no-nonsense, non-sugarcoated approach to helping people truly taking their life back by overcoming their addictions is something very powerful, but needs to be in the hands of people with the right mindset and fortitude to succeed going in.

If you feel like this describes you and your current situation, then you can get in touch with Craig below. Keep in mind, this program starts at $15,000 and is meant for professionals who's livelihoods and families are at stake and must make a drastic shift in their lives immediately. Therefore, this program requires a substantial investment both financially and mentally.

Would You Benefit From Working With Coach Craig?

For those who are at an impasse with their addiction, and see no further possible progress being made with conventional methods, then Craig Perra's renown 1-on-1 coaching is probably your next best option for treatment.

This 1-on-1 coaching is not for everybody, and the methods we use don't sugarcoat a single thing. It's 100% raw, real and uncensored.

Straight Forward

I greatly appreciated the straightforward, no holds barred approach. I've been to a few counsels and programs, along with countless books and none of them took the head-on, indepth examination as The Mindful Approach has. 
- David

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